Matches between qualification/production URLs

The equivalence of URLs allows you to add and manage equivalences between qualification and production URLs. This is particularly useful if the links displayed by your bot differ according to various criteria such as the geographical location of the user, the version of a product on which the user is located, etc.

Thus, you can automatically replace the original URL with a new URL. This process will be carried out according to the consultation space and the environment.

To add an equivalency, click Add and fill in the fields. Click the blue tick to validate the operation.

Use case

In this case, the goal is to replace a link in the dydu platform with a link from the online documentation in the Documentation consultation space. Feel free to customize the URLs and spaces for consultation during the realization of this practical case.

  1. Create a knowledge like this:

  1. Go to Preferences > Bot > Urls.

  2. Click Add.

  3. Fill in the fields like this:

  1. Click the blue tick.

  2. Test your knowledge from the test bot (or other selected environment) twice in the consultation space by default and in the Documentation (or your custom spaces).


This topic allows you to specify the most recurring URLs for later use in knowledge actions. To do so, click Add and fill in the fields. Click the blue tick.

You will then find all of these URLs among the predefined URLs in a knowledge. To do so, click on the 3 dots on the right of a knwoledge answer then Edit.

In the answer part (Content > Knowledge), select one of the predefined URLs and add a Title which will be displayed in the answer. Once the configuration of your URL is complete, click Ok.

Note: you can also disable the use of predefined URLs in replies by clicking Disable.

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