Conversations between the bot and end users are recorded and viewable from the “Conversations” page of the BMS. The latter therefore allows knowledge base managers to read all the conversations that took place with the bot and accordingly complete or improve the knowledge base. This is what we call conversation correction.

Knowledge Base Update Summary

Follow a regular process to maintain and improve the bot's interactions:

  1. Review the chats on the “Conversations” page of the BMS.

  2. Identify and read conversations that require improvements.

  3. Access the knowledge base and update the information.

  4. Save the changes to optimize the bot's responses.

By repeating this process regularly, you will maintain the quality and relevance of the responses provided by the bot, thus ensuring a better user experience.

Tips for Effective Conversation Correction

  1. Understanding: Ensure you thoroughly comprehend the user’s intention during the interaction with the bot.

  2. Context: Take into account the context of the conversation to avoid modifications that could alter the meaning.

  3. Accuracy: Check that the information added or modified is correct and up-to-date.

  4. Consistency: Maintain consistency in the tone and style of the bot’s communication.

  5. Monitoring: After making changes, closely monitor the interactions to ensure the changes have the desired effect.

These practices will help strengthen the effectiveness of corrections and ensure continuous improvement of the knowledge base.

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