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The log console allows you to preview errors caused by changes in the configuration of your bot, etc. It aims to guide the user in the resolution of errors that can prevent the proper functioning of the bot. It is important to note that the console records errors and displays them in real time.

To access the log console, click Console from main menu. You can then select the log level, source, period, etc. You will therefore see all the logs corresponding to the criteria you have selected (Log level, source, etc.).

Types of errors

The console offers various types of errors to understand in particular impacts on the smooth running of the platform:

  • Error: these errors have a direct impact on the operation of the application. This can mean that a bad configuration directly prevents your application from working properly.

  • Warning: alerts the user in case of misconfiguration. This allows to warn the user about a parameter that is inadvisable and may go against optimal exploitation of the platform.

  • Info: informs the user about an non-critical aspect of the configuration.

  • Debug: provides access to accurate information that can be used to resolve bugs or other issues.

  • Trace: provides even more accurate information and tracking of all the operations performed. This may be necessary when it is difficult to track the source of a configuration problem for example.

Export logs

You can export your logs via the servlet:

  1. Go to Preferences > Api > API access and click the link provided. Remember to keep this page open so you can recover your botUUID very quickly.

  2. Click Log Explicit.

  3. Click /logexplicit/log/{botUuid}.

  4. Fill in the fields:

  • Authorization: generated token (to be recovered by following the process described on this page).

  • botUUID: your bot ID (to retrieve from API access).

  • level: filter the type of errors.

  • domain: filter the domain of the BMS.

  • message: specifing your request.

  1. Click Execute.

You can then download the logs from the Response body window by clicking Download.

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