You can add images (in png, jpg, gif formats), videos (in swf format) or files (all formats: doc, pdf, xlsx, etc.) in your answers.

Note: file formats of type .exe can not be imported.

To do so, you must first add these elements in the gallery. To access the gallery, go to Content > Gallery.

You can organize your gallery in folders. To add a new folder, click Add > Create new folder in Root.

A new window appears. Type the name of your folder, then click Add.

You can repeat the operation to add more folders and sub-folders.

To add an item to a folder, click the folder name and then Add > Import a file in (folder name). Then click Choose file.

Select the file(s) you want to upload and confirm the operation by clicking Import. You will see your file(s) in column on the right.

When you click on this file, you can preview the content, its size and a direct link to the file.

Select your file: it will appear on your answer window.

Note that you will have the ability to change the size of images easily by clicking on the image.

For word, excel, pdf, etc. files, a download link is displayed.

Insert videos (Youtube, etc.)

It is impossible at this time to host videos from the platform. However, it is possible to embed videos from platforms like YouTube, Dailymotion, etc.

To do so, you must use the code provided by these platforms and insert it directly into the HTML code of the answer (or sidebar).

YouTube example:

  1. Go to the page of your YouTube video;

  2. Click Share;

  1. Click Embed;

  1. Then copy the entire code

  1. Finally, paste all the code in the source code of your knowledge (HTML editor).

For google drive, be sure to take the given link when you click Embed this video (See

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