Misundestood sentences

Improve your chatbot’s understanding capacity with misunderstood sentences

Our solution provides the possibility to analyze user questions that the bot has failed to understand.

By analysing those misunderstood sentences, you can improve your bot's performance.

How to use misunderstood sentences to improve your bot’s performance

The concept

In a nutshell, the “Misunderstood sentences” section allows you to quickly review misunderstood user questions and enrich your knowledge base from there.

By analyzing the occurence of these misunderstood topics, you can also gain insight into what your end users are thinking.

Misunderstood sentences are presented in the "Learning > Misunderstood sentences" section through 3 views:

  • “By occurrences” (the default view): It’s the number of times that users used an expression that the bot failed to understand.

  • “By knowledge”: misunderstood expressions are pre-associated with knowledge items with which they can be matched. The bot automatically suggests the association, and you can confirm or discard the proposition.

  • “Last used”: misunderstood expressions are listed chronologically from newest to oldest.

Regardless of the view, clicking on one of those misunderstood sentences shows a list of suggested knowledge items (sorted by the matching score) that can match the user's question. You can decide whether to make the association or not.

An example

Go to Learning - Misunderstood sentences and let's say you have the following misunderstood question:

  1. Click on it and a list of suggested knowledge items will appear. By hovering over the “eye” icon you can see the associated answer to each item:

  1. If a knowledge item matches the misunderstood expression, you can add the expression as a new formulation to that item by clicking directly on the expression. Then, confirm by clicking on “Associate”.

  1. If the misunderstood expression is not relevant, you can simply delete it and it will disappear from the list.

Misunderstood sentences are updated every night. This means that any misunderstood sentences that are saved during the day will only be visible the following morning.

Please note that a misunderstood sentence will not disappear until it is associated with a knowledge item or voluntarily deleted.

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