• Dialogs and Interactions (excel): this allows you to edit an excel data export on the volume of dialogs and interactions.

  • Knowledge usage (excel):: this allows you to edit an excel export of the data about the use of knowledge: knowledge is ranked according to popularity and it shows the percentage of satisfaction for each.

  • Activity Report (PDF): this is a pdf export of the data on the volume, qualification, the most widely used knowledge, satisfaction and technical indicators.

  • Dialogs and Interactions (PDF): this pdf export allows you to find the volume of dialogs, those in failing, top 10 questions, satisfaction and the number of Livechat escalations (following a click on a link).

The period used for export matches the period you selected in Filtering.

You can also choose to receive a report by mail at the frequency of your choice: one per day, per week or per month.

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