This page allows you to determine basic and essentials parameters of your bot.

Different options can then be activated: activation of Livechat mode, action steps, SAML, etc.

  • Use assistant: this option allows you to use the test bot, next to Add into Knowledge

  • Livechat escalation: it allows to activate the livechat tab that is hidden by default. You need to choose the Livechat type you want to use (Dydu intergrated Livechat or external livechat solutions). Livechat > Livechat escalation.

  • Activate MetaBot: allows you to manage the personalities of your bot. By activating this option, you will have access to the personalities at the top of this page. More information on MetaBot in the menu Integration > Meta bot.

  • Enable SAML: allows to show the hidden SAML setup page.

  • Enable OIDC: allows to configure the OIDC authentication on your chatbot.

  • Show time zone suffix: GMT +1 Hour, GMT +2 Hours etc.

  • Allow actions triggered after timeout: allows you to trigger actions after the configured timeout.

  • Allow action steps: activate to have several steps of answers for a knowledge. More info in the menu Knowledge > Answers elements.

  • Enable creation of alternative answers: to create alternative answers for a knowledge. More info in the menu Knowledge > Knowledge Types > Complementary Answer.

  • Display only published rewords: to show only published rewords, the ones published.

  • Set mathematical mode on: to be able to use mathematical formulas (allowing to display advanced mathematical formulas)

  • Max rewords allowed: to determine the maximum number of rewords your bot can suggest. Do not forget to click Update to confirm the value of this parameter.

  • Storage time in bin, before final deletion of knowledge: to activate the knowledge basket, you must configure a value other than 0. This value corresponds to the number days during which deleted knowledge will be retained before permanent deletion. Be sure to click Update to confirm the value of this parameter.

To recover your knowledge from the recycle bin, simply change the status of your knowledge again.

  • Sidebar default dimensions: This option allows you to set default dimensions for your side panels. Note, however, that you will be able to customise the dimensions of each side panel while setting up a knowledge. Also note that this setting is not retroactive and will only apply to newly created knowledge.

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