A MetaBot is an option available on each dydu bot. Enabling this option will allow for several dydu bots to be questioned through a single bot at the same time. A MetaBot contains a parent bot and one or more child bots. The result is that the user talks with only one bot, but various bots are questionned and regarding the result the MetaBot sends the best answer.

For example, a company can have a general bot (the MetaBot), and 2 child bots: an IT bot and an HR bot. When an employee talks with the general bot of the company, both bots are questionned without notifying the user. The user simply receives the answer.


You can implement a MetaBot that will allow your main bot to search for knowledge in other bots. Thus, if your bot does not have the answer to a question, it will retrieve the answer within the databases constituting the MetaBot.

To activate this option, follow the following steps:

  1. Go to the Preferences > Bot > General page.

  2. Check the Activate MetaBot option.

  3. Click Update. A new Personalities sub-menu appears at the top of the page.

Note: you can delete the social base present by default. This will definitely deactivate the social knowledge of the social bot.

To add a new bot to your MetaBot, click Add, then configure the fields:

  1. Select the bot that you want to attach to your MetaBot

  2. Define the bot's label. The label will be the title in Selection mode.

  3. Define the type of bot that you are adding:

  • Public: Allows the bot to answer immediately via the current dialog box.

  • Social: Allows the bot to answer immediately via the current dialog box. This Social type bot is not considered as a field bot. Interactions are not counted as business interactions.

  1. Click the validation button

You can also change the MetaBot arbitration mode. To do so, two modes are suggested to you:

  • The Selection mode: if several bots have the answer to the user request, the user will be able to select the bot from which it wants the answer.

  • The Priority mode: If multiple bots have the answer to the user request, the highest-ranked bot in the list will be prioritized.

Note: when a knowledge with context conditions contains answers that are not configured / validated in the branch, the bot returns the closest knowledge with a valid answer.

Do not forget to click Update to validate the modifications.

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