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Here is the list of the most common questions about using web services.

Is it possible to automatically create a ticket after a dialog (trigger to be identified) and to export the whole dialog?

Yes, this is possible through two ways:

  • End-of-dialog Triggers: this requires defining the web service and initiating the type of trigger. You can get more information about triggers on this page;

  • Calling a web service in a knowledge.

Is it possible to customize the dialog based on user data?

Yes, this is possible. To do so you can:

  • Either define a customer journey via the creation of a decision tree or several trees in the knowledge;

  • Either perform a contextual answer through creating conditions in the knowledge.

Is it possible to retrieve information from a ticketing tool?

Yes. The web service will be requested for a knowledge:

  1. Querying a knowledge: "What is the status of ticket 123456? ";

  2. You must then capture "123456" in a dedicated variable and use it in a web service solution;

  3. Finally, you must indicate the result by performing a callapi.WebService.Result in an answer from the database knowledge.

How do I authenticate?

To perform authentication, you can:

  • Save contextual variables (dydu.chatbox.registerContext (VariableName, ValueVariable) in Javascript, so the person can execute this code by replacing it with the value he wants.

  • Perform a SAML 2 authentication whose information about this page can be found.

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