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Consultation spaces

Within the same knowledge base, it is possible to define several different answers to the same question, depending on the consultation spaces.

For example, the question "How to change my password?" may have a different answer if the user is logged in or not on the site.

To configure your consultation spaces, go to Content > Languages / spaces.


You can first manage the languages of your bot to divide the spaces by language. It allows you to determine the languages that your bot must handle.

Click Add to add a new language to your bot. Select the language and valide your choice.

The next section allows you to more concretely define the consultation spaces within the same language.

You can change the name of a consultation space.

However, you can not delete a consultation space that is used by knowledge items. You must first delete all answers defined in this space.

In the box under the list of consultation spaces, you have the ability to define a default consultation space:

  • Bot default consultation space: when an answer is not defined for a consultation space, the bot will give the answer defined for the space. This way, you do not have to copy the answer content for each space if only a few knowledge items require specific answers.

  • Bot default consultation space used when editing an action: for convenience, you can choose the consultation space you want to use by default when you are working on the knowledge base.

Usage in answers

When you have created multiple consultation spaces, in the knowledge actions, you will find them within answer bubbles in the following form:

When you create a knowledge, the default consultation space defined is enabled.

To add a new one, open the drop-down menu and choose a consultation space. If you do not specify a default answer in a knowledge, this knowledge will only be accessible in consultation spaces for which an answer has been defined.

To delete an answer from a consultation space, click the - icon of the consultation space for which you want to delete the answer (requires to be in edit mode).

Note: to use the consultation spaces in the dialog box, you must integrate the dialog box by specifying which space it should use. Not specifying a consultation space is equivalent to using the default space.

In this case, the bot responds to the sentence defined in Global sentences, in the section entitled: Question has an answer in another consultation space.

Virtual hierarchy of consultation spaces

This section allows you to establish the hierarchy of your consultation spaces, which allows you to determine, among other things, from which consultation spaces the other consultation spaces are accessible.

Inside a consultation space, click on the + button, you can add another consultation space.

Note: you can not delete a consultation space if it is used in a knowledge.

Note 2: to find the knowledge using the consultation spaces, go to Contents > Knowledge then filter your knowledge by the concerned consultation space

Virtual consultation spaces

This section allows you to add virtual consultation spaces to merge analytics from multiple consultation spaces.

To do so, click on Add and name your virtual space. Validate.

Click on the spaces you want to add to your virtual space and click Add.

Specific rewords

Specific rewords allow you to define formulations based on the consultation space used by the customer.

To do so, go to your Knowledge page and select an existing knowledge.

When you edit the question window (blue bubble), click on the contextual menu and then click Options.

So, to perform a specific reword, position yourself on the Specific reword sentence then select the consultation space for which you wish to modify the specific reword sentence.

Then click the Edit button and enter the desired reword.

Click Update.

You can now navigate between the various consultation spaces to check your changes have been taken into account.

Then click Update to validate your options and close the user sentence window.

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