Several web services of the API provided by the dydu solution require authentication ("Authorization" field of the API).

Authentication is of type: Basic Authentication.

It is therefore necessary to build a token and use it in the headers of your requests.

To build the token, you must:

  1. Associate your login, the character ":" and your password (paying attention to the case);

  2. Encode this string in base64;

  3. Add Basic.



  2. ZGVtb0Bkb3lvdWRyZWFtdXAuY29tOk1vbk1vdERlUGFzc2U=

  3. Basic ZGVtb0Bkb3lvdWRyZWFtdXAuY29tOk1vbk1vdERlUGFzc2U=

You will be able to generate your token (Authorization) from

Important: remember to replace urlbackoffice with the URL of your platform.

Enter your login and password and click Generate.

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