Qualities alerts

The knowledge base is constantly monitored through quality verification processes.

Quality alerts check:

  • Answer length: answers that are too long are not fully read by users because the answer bubble does not display the whole answer without scrolling.

  • Question length: questions that are too long cannot fully appear when they are displayed just above the text box in the dialog box.

  • Invalid hyperlinks: if a knowledge contains a link to a page that no longer exists.

  • Knowledge without tag: a knowledge without tag does not make it possible to determine what subject is talked about by the user.

  • Links to other knowledges: a bot's answer can have a link to another knowledge, this is useful to redirect the user to a related topic or to get more details. The solution checks that all of these links are valid.

  • Knowledge expiration dates: when a knowledge has an expiration date, a notification tells you to adapt the answer text, change the status of the knowledge or even delete knowledge when the date is reached.

  • Knowledge starting dates: when you assign a starting date to a knowledge, you will be notified on that day, that you have to change the knowledge status to Published to make it accessible to users.

  • DialogReplayFailure: the test dialogs you have saved are automatically replayed once a day. If these dialogs do not happen as they did when saved, you will find them under this alert.

On the knowledge page

These alerts are listed in the dashboard or on the Knowledge page, in the Alerts tab.

We have three levels of alerts: information, warning, error. The knowledge whose alert is error must be corrected in priority, this is the reason why they appear first in the Alerts tab.

As in all the views of the knowledge page, you can export in excel format the knowledge that have quality alerts, using the contextual menu available at the left when hovering a type of quality alert.

When editing an action

When you validate the content of an action, the quality alerts are verified in real time. When an action is subject to qualification alerts, the list of these alerts is displayed directly in the action.

On the dashboard and by email

On the dashboard page, in the Actions to carry out, you will find the number of quality alerts with an error status.

You may receive by email, as often as you choose, a report indicating among other things the number of quality alerts.

Configuring alerts

Some alerts are configurable. The parameters are accessible directly from the icon ... at the right of the Alerts tab. From then on, a new window opens.

After making your changes, click Update.

A Scan alerts button is available if you want to recover the alerts update immediately.

Alerts information and resolutions

Note that resolving an alert will not immediately clear the error in your back office. Solved errors should be disappear after a few hours.


  • Inaccessible links: this error means that the link you inserted in the knowledge is no longer accessible. It might also be due to an insertion error (adding a character in the link, etc.).

To resolve this error, you must update the link or delete it if it is no longer functional.

  • Reword link not available: if a piece of knowledge used as a rewording redirection in another knowledge is no longer available (deleted), an error will show in the latter one. To solve the error, update the redirected knowledge.

  • Cyclic reword: this error appears when the knowledge is likely to form a loop, ie the knowledge can be redirecting to itself.

However, if it was not voluntary, an error can be forming loop inside your knowledge. In order to solve this error, we recommend to test your entire knowledge through the bot.

  • Not activable knowledge: this error means that the knowledge or one of the rewords cannot be triggered. By clicking on the knowledge, you will get more information on the not activable knowledge.

In order to resolve the error, please test the knowledge from the test bot. If the knowledge matches with another knowledge, you must exclude the reword from the knowledge you do not it to be associated with anymore.

A knowledge that matches a single word is all the more so likely to be inactive if the word is integrated to a matching group.

  • DialogReplayFailure: this error means a test dialog does not work properly.

To solve it, identify the changes that have impacted the dialog and apply the required corrections.


  • Knowledge without tag: this alert informs you that your knowledge is not linked to any tag.

  • ActionNotTranslated, ConditionNotTranslated, QuestionNotTranslated: alerts about the translation of elements mean that your knowledge has not yet been translated into another language offered by your bot.

Even after performing the translation, the alert will not be deleted immediately. It may take a few hours before the alerts system considers the alert as resolved.


  • Answer too long (info): this alert means that the answer of your knowledge is too long. Indeed, best practices for the creation of a knowledge recommend short answers.

You can now edit your knowledge or ignore the alert if you do not want to edit the answer.

Note that this information may turn into a warning if the answer is really too long.

  • Question is too long (info): this alert means that the question (user sentence) is too long.

As previously, you can choose to edit the knowledge or to ignore the alert.

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