Knowledge base setup

Set up your knowledge base for Livechat escalation


During a chat with the chatbot, the end user may have to climb to the livechat under certain conditions. These are to be defined by the bot manager within the knowledge base. This may be, for example, when:

  • the end user explicitly requests it,

  • the end user has given a negative opinion, or a specific reason for dissatisfaction,

  • too many sentences were misunderstood by the chatbot,

  • a response requires clarification,

  • a thematic issue is addressed;

Livechat escalation and its conditions can be managed through context conditions and GUI actions. In the event of escalation, the end user remains in the same chat window (the chatbox) and the chat history with the chatbot is maintained. The latter is also transmitted to the operator.

How to escalate from chatbot to humain?

Escalation to a Livechat operator is only suggested if an operator is available. We must therefore connect to the web service to identify the availability of operators.

  1. Create your context condition to check the availability of operators. To do so, go to Content > Context conditions.

  2. Fill in the fields as shown in the image below:

  3. Return to Content >Knowledge and create a simple knowledge for Livechat escalation.

  4. Insert a context condition between the user question and the answers and select the condition you have created in step 1.

    Click Update.

  5. To connect the knowledge to the Livechat, edit the answer in the success scenario and click More options - Other options - Define a GUI action and select Livechat connection.

  6. Click Update to save the answer. Your Livechat escalation is now effective.

    If an operator is available, the user is directed to the left branch and is put in contact with an operator. If not, the user will have the answer provided in the branch on the right.

It is also possible to redirect the user to an operator with a particular expertise.

When you have defined expertise for each operator, you can choose to assign each competency to a piece of knowledge. Competencies will appear in the list of context conditions when you create your branch:

Note: you have the ability to create predefined answers for your Livechat sessions. To learn more, click here.

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