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We call knowledge the couple question + answer.

The question corresponds to the end user's intention that the chatbot should understand. The answer corresponds to the content that you are going to configure and that will be rendered by the chatbot to the end user.

The knowledge base includes all of your knowledge! It's the brain of your chatbot! You can organize your knowledge by tag.

Knowledge can be simple: a question - an answer, or take the form of a decision tree. The decision tree will allow the chatbot to articulate the sub-questions necessary for its final answer.

Create a knowledge item

Much of your time will be spent creating your knowledge. This page then allows you to acquire the essentials for creating a knowledge.

Note: You can also create a knowledge using the interactive guide that can be initiated from the support bot through the Knowledge Creation knowledge.

Please follow the steps below to create your first knowledge.

  1. Click on the main menu at the top of your page:

(the menu is already open if you have kept the persistence option enabled by default).

  1. Go to Content > Knowledge.

From this page, you will build the knowledge base of your bot.

  1. Click the New knowledge button.

  2. Select the type of knowledge you want to create. To create a basic knowledge, please click Answer to a question.

  3. Write the user sentence (most often questions): user sentences correspond to the questions that the user will ask to your bot.

  4. Click Create. Several matching groups might be suggested. If you want more information about matching groups, please visit this page. If you do not want to use them, select your original sentence and then click Create. The answer window will appear.

  1. Enter the bot answer. A toolbar is at your disposal (adding links, pictures, emojis, etc.).

  2. Select the status of your knowledge. All information on knowledge statuses are available here. Select the status Published and click Update. Your knowledge is created.

Test your bot

After creating a knowledge, you can now test it.

Note: you must be located on the Knowledge page.

  1. Click the Test my bot button above your knowledge list. A dialog box will open.

  1. Test your newly created knowledge. The dialog box will display the answer you created.

Different tools and options are available from the test dialog box.

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