Data protection

GDPR requests can be accessed by clicking on the menu GDPR from the main menu.

Note: only administrators have access to this menu.

This page allows you to process made requests. You have access to a table to sort the requests related to the new GDPR regulations. The available elements are:

  • Buttons Send / Remove - Ignore available for requests processing;

  • Date of the request;

  • Request Type (Get, Delete);

  • Email;

  • Customer ID;

  • IP address of the requestor.

Note that a typical mail is received by users that you can customize the service name.

You also have the option to view already processed or inactive requests by checking Show all requests.

When you click Send or Ignore, a new window appears where you can add the reason for the request (for internal use). Click Validate to validate the query.

If you want to ignore the query, click the Ignore button. A refusal comment (for internal use) is then mandatory before the request can be validated.

Note: the user does not receive any notification when his request has been ignored.

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