Users feedbacks

This section allows you to obtain the proportion of negative and positive feedback given by users on the answers given by the bot as well as the graphical evolution of this data.

  • The upper part of the page presents the general satisfaction of the conversations.

  • The lower part of the page focuses on the reasons for dissatisfaction by interaction.

Overall feedback on the conversations

The overall satisfaction of a conversation is calculated according to the weight of each type of feedback.

For example, let's say the number of positive feedback = A and the number of negative feedback = B.

  • If A > B, then the global feedback is POSITIVE

  • If A < B, then the global feedback is NEGATIVE.

  • If A = B, then the global feedback takes the value of the last feedback left in the conversation.

The global satisfaction is also represented in the conversation list by a thumb.

At the top right of the page, a button Show user comments is available. By clicking on it, another tab opens and lists user comments of each knowledge.

Reasons for dissatisfaction

When the user gives negative feedback, he/she has the option to specify or not the reason for his dissatisfaction by selecting one of the 3 predefined answers.

This section helps you to identify the most common reasons for dissatisfaction.

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