Each custom statistical report can be exported. The administrator can also configure email delivery of selected reports at the frequency they prefer.

Export a report

Once you have created a report, you can export it in a few simple steps.

First, go to Custom Statistics > Reports and select the report you want to export at the top of the page.

Next, you will see two export options - one to export the entire report and another to export individual components of the report.

It is important to note that you can export the entire report in Excel or XML format, while components can be exported in Excel, XML, or JSON format.

Receive a copy of your report by email

After creating a report, you can receive regular copies of it in your email inbox.

To do this :

  1. Create an email export in Custom Statistics > Configuration > Exports :

    • Click on Add Export.

    • Give the export a name.

    • Define the sending frequency (daily, weekly, on a specific day of the week, etc.).

    • The copy format sent will always be Excel.

    • Finally, choose the report from which you want to receive the copy, then click on Add.

  1. Subscribe to the export you just created by going to your Account settings.

  1. Then select the email export:

The selected email exports will also appear in Custom Statistics > Configuration > Exports. The Unsubscribe option allows you to cancel the report delivery to your inbox.

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