You can leave comments on the knowledge. These are visible only to users of the platform.

These comments allow:

  • To communicate between the different people working on the basis of knowledge "why not have done this instead...";

  • To remember an action to do: "think about adding the link".

When a comment is added, an email is sent to all users of the bot. A user can disable the sending of these mails.

The steps below describe how comments work:

  1. To write or read a comment, move your mouse over the comment icon in the reply.

  1. Click Comments: an input field opens.

  2. Write your comment and click Add a comment.

Once registered, the comment is above, with the name of the person who wrote it and its date of creation.

Note: you can also tag a user (@ + drop-down menu). In addition, the user receives an email (unless disabling emails in which the user is mentioned).

  1. Cick on the comment icon to read the comment, you can archive it.

When someone adds a comment or answers to one of your comments, you will receive a notification that there is one or more unread comments.

When a comment is not archived, the corresponding knowledge can be found in the Comments to be processed list. These comments are the one you may have read but not archived yet.

To use comments properly, it is necessary to archive the comment when the action indicated in the comment is completed rather than after reading the comment.

Click Archive on the right of a comment to archive it.

You find all the knowledge on which there was one or more comments in Knowledge with comment(s) .

Once back on the initial view, if all the comments associated with knowledge are archived, information about comments disappears.

However, you will know there have been comments on this knowledge because it is in the list Knowledge with comment(s).

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