Server usage

You will find on this page all the information relating to the use of the back-up servers in case of difficulties on the main server.

General informations

  • Queries to the main server can be done when the user begins to enter a question to avoid waiting when checking up the main server;

  • In case of errors or unavailability of the main server (APP1), a redirection protocol addressing the request on the backup server (APP2) must implemented. This redirection must be carried out in case of HTTP errors of category 400 (access denied) and 500 (server error);

  • It can happen that the main server (APP1) is slowed down but still functional. In this case, it is recommended to place timeouts in order to switch to the backup server;

  • There is no back-up server in the pre-production environment;

  • If an error occurs during a dialog, a new dialog will be created on the back-up server. There is no continuity;

  • Once a dialog has been transferred or initiated on the backup server, it must remain on the same server until the end of the dialog.

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