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This feature allows you to add top knowledge to your bot, your bot will offer the user knowledge when he opens the dialog box.To configure the Top knowledge module. Below an example of top3 to the DYDU chatbot:

Integration to chatbot

To integrate the top knowledge to your chatbot, go to channels > configuration List and select the integration you want. then go to part 2 - advanced and select " Top 3 most requested knowledge" on Knowledge highlighting.

If you would like to change this top. You have to go to content > Advanced > Top knowledge.

Manual top knowledge

In the Manual top knowledge section, you can add top knowledge manually. To do so, simply click on a tag and find the knowledge you are looking for via the field at the right of the window.

Then select the knowledge you want to add and click Add.

To check that the action has been taken into account, please refresh the page.

If you wish to remove knowledge of the top manual knowledge, select the tag for which you want to remove a knowledge from the top then select it from the knowledge displayed on the right.

Click on the cross to remove the knowledge.

To check that the action has been taken into account, please refresh the page.

Tests Top Knowlegde API

Determine the parameters of your top knowledge by defining all the proposed criteria. After selecting your parameters, click the Test button. If you want to reset the parameters, please click on the Reset cache button.

Exclusion of the top of the knowledge

You also have the possibility to exclude knowledge. You will find all of this knowledge in Excluded knowledge articles from Content > Advanced > Top Knowledge

First, note that some knowledge is automatically excluded from top knowledge. This is all knowledge for which you turned off the reword option.

So, still in the knowledge options, you can check the Exclude from top knowledge box. Your knowledge will not be automatically integrated into the top.

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