Special keywords

The keywords detailed below allow advanced use of the dialog box.

  • #newdialog#: this keyword helps to avoid waiting 10 minutes when a dialog is started before it is considered complete and therefore visible on the platform.

  • #feedback#: this keyword allows to see the satisfaction box at any time, including an answer to a social knowledge. If satisfaction had already been shared in the current question, it will be overwritten.

  • #comment#: this keyword allows to display the feedback box at anytime directly at the comment step, including in the answer to social knowledge. If a comment had already been given on the current issue, it will be overwritten by the new comment.

  • #hostname#: this keyword is used to display the host name of the machine process the request.

  • #chatboxinfos#: this keyword shows the creation date of the dialog box and the host URL of the chatbox.js file.

  • #livechatconnection#: this keyword allows you to manually connect to Livechat if it is supported by the bot and an operator is available.

  • #contextvariables#: this keyword shows all variables that have been registered via the registerContext API.

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