What do users think of the bot? Are they satisfied with the answers he provides? Does the bot meet these objectives? So many questions that need to be answered to justify the success of the bot and optimize its quality. Within the DYDU BMS, it is possible to immediately and simply view the key indicators of the bot's performance through the Statistics menu. It is also possible to configure these own reports as needed using the Custom Statistics menu.

Statistics calculation system:

There is an "absolute" calculation system and a "relative or weighted" one. If the statistics page does not offer the option of filtering by sum then the statistics are calculated as a weighted sum. For example the option is available for example for "knowledge" statistics:

The distinction between the two systems is important:

  • Absolute: if a conversation calls on an acquaintance N times, this will increase the absolute statistic by N.

  • Relative or weighted: will take the absolute per conversation and divide by the number of interactions in the conversation. If the conversation is long, this greatly reduces the value. In fact, it does not count 1 per conversation, but 1 / (number of conversation interactions). For example, 8 conversations of 4 interactions each can result in 8 * (1/4) = 2

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