Predefined sources

A predefined source corresponds to the type of data that your alert should track.

Create a predefined source

  1. Click on the + button to add a new source.

  1. Fill in the following fields :

  • Nom (optional): If left blank, it will be automatically filled with the name of the indicator you choose.

  • Unit (optional)

  • Max items (optional): Sets the maximum number of items (from 3 to infinity) to be displayed in your report.

  • Indicator (mandatory): Select from the dropdown the type of data you wish to track.

  • Inner loop (optional): Allows you to categorize the data source (indicator) into different categories such as language, consultation space, or Livechat operator skills.

  • Restriction (optional): Allows you to restrict the data source based on a predefined dimension.

Note: An indicator can use only one loop but can have multiple restrictions.

  1. Once completed, your predefined source is automatically saved and can now be used to create your alert.

Delete a predefined source

You cannot delete a source that is being used in an alert.

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