Best practices

This section presents the best practices to apply when building the knowledge base.

This section describes the key points to build the knowledge base avoiding pitfalls, and maximizing user satisfaction by offering the best possible content.

Questions and rewords

  • Prefer very specific questions to vague questions, they allow to create a more concise content. It creates more knowledge and gives better results when the bot rewords.

  • In the same way, reword sentences must be concise and precise. Indeed, they are displayed after a reword made by the bot and if they are too long, the user will not read them.

  • Use as many matching groups as possible in formulations to reduce their amount. For example: matching group for email: email, mail, message, e-mail, etc.

  • To understand as many formulations as possible, codes and matching groups are available directly in the user sentence edition window.

Go to Content > Knowledge > Add New Knowledge > Answer to a question

  • Mail: allows to understand an email address.

  • Integer: allows to understand an integer.

  • Number: allows to understand an integer or decimal.

  • Url: allows to understand that the user has entered an url.

  • Empty: by clicking on the arrow, you can specify the deletion of a variable. Enter the name of this variable in Capture Name:

  • Constant: records the use of a variable to save it during the dialog. Enter the name of this variable in Capture Name. To better understand the use of Empty and Constant, you can see the context conditions paragraph.

  • month: enter the word "month" to understand every month.

  • day: entering the word "day" allows you to understand every day of the week.

  • city: enter the word "city" to understand all French cities.

  • If your users tend to use just one word as a question, you can create "Keyword Knowledge":

  • Either as open questions if large number of questions can be suggested afterwards.

The Aa symbol means that the reword on knowledge has been disabled, ie when the bot does not understand a sentence , the question "plane" will not be proposed to users. To do this, uncheck Enable reword.:

To establish this type of knowledge, one must imagine all the questions that can be suggested and add the formulation keyword + question in the list of formulations of the knowledge used.

For example, for the "plane" knowledge, we can imagine that users can ask "how to book". For "How to cancel my plane ticket", you will have to add "plane how to cancel", etc.

  • Or in closed questions if you want people to choose from one of the proposed knowledge. This solution is simpler because it avoids having to anticipate a list of questions to be dealt with later. We suggest you use it when you want to offer between 2 and 4 knowledge to your users.

In this type of question, you should also think about disabling the reword questions and not asking the opinion of users.

The user can click on one of the three suggestions. To make them clickable, select the part you want to click and click Insert redirection from the toolbar and choose Reword:

Enter the name of the knowledge to redirect to and click Ok then Update.


  • Bot answers must have an editorial style. It is better to write real sentences than injunctions to establish a relationship of trust and an effect of dialog.

  • The answers should not start with "yes" or "no", as there are a lot of formulations leading to this type of knowledge and this type of answer is too specific.

  • More generally, it is even necessary to repeat the subject of the question in the introduction of the answer. For example, if the question is "How to open a link considered as dangerous by Outlook?", the answer should start this way: "To open a link considered as dangerous by Outlook, you must...".

  • It is better to avoid too long answers, it is often possible to subdivide them with a tree.

  • Try as much as possible to keep the reword sentences coherent:

  • either these are all questions;

  • these are all affirmative statements of the user's problem.

  • The bot is for users, better use "Click here" instead of "Clicking here...".

  • It is possible to use JavaScript functions in your answers. However, note that the text editor prevents the use of certain functions for security reasons. In order to get around them, you will have to add the tag < !--NOCLEAN--> in the source code. The tag should be placed at the beginning of your code, as follows:


Suggest an alternative solution to unsatisfied users, for example by specifying a support phone number or email address.


  • When you consult the history of dialogs, you can enrich knowledge or match new sentences to existing matching groups. However, a bad or excessive use of this feature may cause a large number of errors and generate inconsistent dialogs in the case of the addition of inadequate knowledge or incorrect formulations.

  • Take into account the general context of the dialog and check whether it is relevant to add the knowledge or not.

  • It is recommended to search before adding knowledge to check the relevance of its insertion into the knowledge base.

  • Remember to perform audits on a regular basis, which allows you to easily browse the various dialogs and validate the relevance of the knowledge offered by your bot.

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