Possible integrations


Dydu offers a Wordpress plugin: dyduPress. This plugin allows the integration and thus the provision of its chatbot dydu on its wordpress site.

Download the plugin files in the /wp-content/plugins/dydupress directory, or install the plugin directly via the WordPress plugins screen.

Once the plugin is installed, enter the URL of your chatbox in the plugin settings and save your changes.

Your chatbox is ready to be used in your WordPress.


It is possible to integrate your dydu chatbot into your Service Now instance. This integration is done through the creation and use of a Service Now widget. You can follow the video tutorial below to integrate your chatbot on ServiceNow

Sharepoint Online

It is possible to integrate your dydu chatbot on Sharepoint thanks to an extension provided by dydu.

Accessibility of the chatbox

The dydu chatboxes also respect the RGAA accessibility standards in terms of:

  • Content

  • navigation within the chatbox.

The RGAA standards have been integrated so that the design of the chatbox is compliant. However, the responsibility for compliance with these standards is ultimately the client's, as this same design can be customised through the dyduBox.

The default chatbox (without customisation) is designed to comply with these standards. In addition, dydu provides its customers with dedicated documentation to assist them in making the design compliant. There are two types of elements in the chatbox:

  • elements already present in the HTML code of the chatbox (supported by dydu),

  • elements that will be added when customising the chatbot (at the client's expense)

Chatbox & responsive design

The chatbox is responsive: it adapts to the size of the screen used, whether the end user is on a website or an application. The display can be customised according to the user's device (mobile, tablet, desktop) and operating system (iOS, Android).

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