You can add levels and sub-levels of competencies. The + adds a new competency. When you hover your mouse over a competency, a new + is displayed on the right. It allows to add a sub-level to that competency.

You can define competencies for operators to be able to assign dialogs to operators based on their competency. Once you have added competencies in the parameters, they appear in the Context conditions list.

The decision to redirect to a competency will be from an internaut activity rule, or from the configuration of a knowledge with the use of context conditions.

These competencies are then assigned to the operators.

Operator pool configuration

Operator pools can be created. These pools create groups of operators with multiple skills. In each pool it is possible to distinguish the livechat manager(s) from the operator(s). This allows, among other things, to filter operators according to a specific criterion, for example the service to which they belong, their locations, etc. Thanks to this feature, the manager will only see the operators of his pool from his interface.

For example, for clients working with multiple call centers, operator pools to isolate operators and their manager(s) per call center.

Note that you can also create operator pools.

These pools will allow you, among other things, to filter operator according to the service which they belong to, localization, etc. This, as for example, a manager only will see operators of his pool from the operator interface.

You can filter an operator pool by selecting operators, managers and the competencies associated with the pool. To do so, enter the name of your pool and click Validate. You can then configure your pool.

Surveys by competency

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