Account parameters

Here, you can configure the default parameters of an operator account :

Livechat management

By using this parameter, Manager can let operators know when they are supervising the conversation.

Livechat parameters

The parameters present in this section are personal and will not affect the settings of other Livechat operators. In these settings, you will be able to :

  • indicate your gender;

  • choose to use the "enter" key to send messages;

  • Change default status;

  • Enable autocomplete with predefined responses in the editing area (livechat2 only)

Manage Livechat notifications:

Enable livechat notifications sound:

Livechat notifications sound is disabled by default, to enable sound:

1- Click on the arrow

2- choose a notification sound from the proposed list:

4- Once the sound style is chosen, click on "Update"

Activate the "desktop notification" pop-up notifications:

Desktop notifications display notifications outside the browser. it is useful if you want to be informed of a new conversation or question even if you are working on an application other than your browser.

For example on chrome you will have a notification that may look like this:

To receive pop-up notifications, you will have to accept the notifications in the search bar when you log in to the operator panel. Also check that you have activated the notifications in the system settings of your device.

  • Notifications per operator : here, the Livechat manager will be able to define the triggering of notifications for a chosen operator on specific event (for example when being assigned a new dialog). The operator will not be able to deactivate them on its own.

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