Manager interface

Livechat dydu offers the possibility to define livechat managers. They have a specific interface allowing them to:

  • see which operators are online,

  • view current conversations for each operator,

  • send messages directly to the operator,

  • send messages to the end user instead of the operator.

Sending a message to the operator is internal, which means that only the operator will receive this message and be able to respond directly.

When the livechat manager sends a message to the end user instead of the operator, it does so directly via the chat window. This action is transparent for the user.

The operator also has the option of calling the online livechat manager, especially if they need help with a complex conversation. In this case, the supervisor sees the operator’s conversation flashing in orange and can therefore start an internal conversation with the operator.

The supervisor can access the supervision page from the main menu , Here is the Livechat supervisor interface: Click the icon to scroll through an operator's dialogs list and click on the dialog to display it on the right of your screen.

To send messages to an operator, click Internal message. In that case, only the operator will receive this message and will also be able to answer to the supervisor via an Internal message tab.

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